Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I drop off cheque payment for my child's skating program?

Payment can be dropped off at Mold-Masters SportsPlex “TransCanada Rink C” in our grey GSC drop box located near the referee’s Dressing Room Door.

Alternatively, payment can be mailed to:

Georgetown Skating Club
162 Guelph St. Suite 235,
Georgetown, ON, L7G 5X7

Do you offer half season programs?

Yes.  The GSC offers half season programs from Oct-Dec (10 Weeks) and Jan-Mar (10 Weeks). Half season programs must be paid in full at the start of the program.

Do you offer payment options?

Full season programs (Sep-Mar) can be paid in full or in 3 equal instalments with post-dated cheques due Sept. 1st, Oct 1st, and Nov. 1st; must be received upon registration.

Do you offer refunds?

Once registration has been completed and insurance has been issued we unfortunately can not offer you a refund. Please review the Georgetown Skating Club Refund Policy for more information.

Where are the lessons held?

All lessons are held at Mold-Masters Sportsplex, TransCanada Rink C at 221 Guelph Street, Georgetown, ON  L7G 4A8.

What's the difference between PreCanSkate and CanSkate?

PreCanSkate is for skaters aged 3 – 5 years old with little or no skating experience who are learning to skate the basics like balancing on two feet, standing up unassisted, moving forward and moving backward. 

CanSkate is for skaters who are one of the following: 

  1. 3 – 5 years old AND have passed PreCanSkate OR be able to stand up unassisted, balance on two feet, move forward, and move backward 
  2. 6 + years old with little or no skating experience  
  3. 6+ years old and have had previous CanSkate experience and are learning to further their skills and confidence by progressing through the 6 badge levels within the CanSkate program. 

Does my child have to take PreCanSkate before CanSkate?

No.  Your child does not have to take PreCanSkate in order to take CanSkate lessons.  However, they must be at least 6 years old OR be able to stand up unassisted, balance on two feet, move forward, and move backward. 

What is PreStar STARSkate?

PreStar StarSkate 1 is the first level of the Skate Canada figure skating program.  Skaters must be working on CanSkate badge 4 or higher in order to qualify for this program.  PreStar skaters skate twice per week.  You must be recommended for this program by a Club Coach.  If you are interested in this program please speak to your child’s coach or contact the club by email here:  

Who are Program Assistants?

SKATE CANADA Coaches are the primary teaching resource in our club and Program Assistants assist in the delivery of the program.
Program Assistants are older, accomplished skaters at the club who volunteer their time to assist the younger skaters. They receive annual and ongoing training.
Program Assistants are not required to answer any questions regarding your child’s progress. You may, however, ask them to get the attention of a coach or relay a message. 

Program Assistants share their love and knowledge of skating while performing various duties:

  • Assisting the SKATE CANADA Coach to deliver the program on and off ice
  • Demonstrating skills and teaching progressions
  • Supervising practice time
  • Assisting with warm ups and cool downs under the direction of the Skate Canada Coach
  • Reinforcing learned skills
  • Assisting with on ice circuits
  • Providing individual and group assistance
  • Acting as a role model for young skaters