Assessments and Tests

When a StarSkater is ready for assessment or to try a test, their coach will let them know.
Test days may require cancellation of some regularly scheduled sessions, though every effort is made to minimize this disruption.

What to wear

For test day, skaters usually wear their competition or dance dresses, however, a skating skirt and nice top are also acceptable. Their hair is expected to be pulled back away from their face or up in a ponytail or bun so that their facial expressions can be seen. Skaters are not required to try their dance tests in dance dresses however it is recommended for skaters who are working on their Star 6 and higher dances.

Fee Envelopes

Fee envelopes will be distributed by the skater’s coach, these must be returned with the appropriate fees prior to taking the test or assessment.

Star Level 1 to 5

Star 1-5 level skaters will initially be assessed by their coach during their regular session time.

  • The fee for the Star level 1-5 assessment is $12.00 plus a $3.00 administrative fee.

Star level 6 and up

Star levels 6 and up will be judged by a Skate Canada official Test Judge during “High Test Days“. The test is a formal process, with specific etiquette to be followed.
Spectators are welcome, and are expected to behave with decorum, respecting the judge’s need to focus on the skaters, and the skaters’ need to focus on the test.

After the test, the judge will provide each skater with a written assessment and a pass/re-try grade.
A skater who is unsuccessful is permitted to re-try at a future test day – not showing up for a test after it has been scheduled is marked as a re-try.

High Test Day Fees

  • There is a fee of $12.00 for the test which is paid to Skate Canada to record the skaters’ progress
  • There is a $15.00 hospitality fee to cover the cost of food, transportation, cost of ice and other incidentals
    (Test judges are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for the time they spend at test days or competitions. It is important to show them our hospitality)
  • Additionally, you will pay for your coach as well as a partner if required.

Star level 6 and up skaters are required to arrive one hour prior to their scheduled test times, in costume and ready to skate!
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions or concerns: