CanPower Skate

CanPower Skate is an action-packed, high energy skating program designed to focus on the development of proper skating skills and techniques. Taught by an NCCP Certified Coach particular attention is given to the development of balance, control, agility, technique, speed and endurance.

Recognizing that skating is a foundational skill for hockey and ringette, this program allows for the opportunity to focus on skating outside the game or practice. 

CanPowerSkate is NOT a Learn-to-Skate program. All skaters should complete a learn-to-skate program prior to registering for CanPowerSkate.

CanPower Skate Overview

Proper skating skills and techniques are taught in a progressional format using a variety of drills and with emphasis on how these skills apply to game situations.
Participants will be assessed based on a continuum of development that will indicate skills at an early, moderate or advanced stage of development.

Skills Development: Balance

  • Stance
  • Forward Stride
  • Forward Edges
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Forward Lateral Movement

Skills Development: Control

  • Stops
  • Backward Stride
  • Backward Edges
  • Backward Crossovers
  • Backward Lateral Movement

Skills Development: Agility

  • Slaloms
  • Tight Turns
  • Eagle and Mohawk Turns
  • Reverse Pivot Turns
  • Starts

Skills Development: Technique

  1. Correct technique
  2. Correct technique with speed
  3. Correct technique with pucks or rings
  4. Correct technique with speed, with a puck or ring and under stress (game situations)

CanPowerSkate 1

  • Suitable for skaters Timbit-Novice
  • Skater must be able to skate forwards and backwards using alternate strides (no walking or shuffling) and must be able to stop

CanPowerSkate 2

  • Suitable for skaters Atom and up
  • Skater must be able to skate forwards and backwards using alternate strides (no walking or shuffling) and must be able to stop on command

Lesson Structure

Lessons are given in a group format and led by an NCCP certified professional coach. Professional coaches are assisted by trained Program Assistants.

  • Participants are required to wear full hockey/ringette equipment that is CSA approved and comeprepared with stick and water bottle
  • Session is 50minutes and uses full ice

Missed Classes

No Make ups for Missed Classes: Skaters sign up for a specific session and cannot be accommodated on another session if they have to miss a day for any reason.

Skate Canada Regulations

Due to Skate Canada regulations your child will not be permitted to step on to the ice until they have been registered with Skate Canada and issued insurance.

Payment and Registration

Georgetown Skating Club MUST receive payment for your child’s program at least 48 hours prior to your child’s first skate session to allow time for our administrator to register your child and receive confirmation of insurance. This insurance is NON-REFUNDABLE therefore there can be no exceptions to this policy.

Georgetown Skating Club Refund Policy

If you have registered and not yet submitted your payment, please contact us by email here:  

Georgetown Skating Club can not be responsible for missed sessions due to last minute and/or unpaid registrations resulting in a delay in obtaining confirmation of your child’s insurance.